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Caribbean catering will transform your function anywhere in the UK into an unforgettable experience. We can provide everything from the right buffet to an oven fresh Caribbean catering menu suitable for every taste and event

Welcome To Our Catering Dishes and Services

Escavitch Fish - Our Main Dishes

EXQUISITE main dish with an immaculate bite is the Escavitch Fish. Everyone must try this you don't want to miss this delicious experience.

For more of the same in our main dishes of sumptuous food please click here. 

For All Dishes & Description: Go Here

Patties - with Different Fillings

PATTIES containing various fillings i.e with chicken, beef or saltfish. It is delicious in everyway. You will find both Patties and Festival online to explore. To chech out more of our Patties and Festival and the other delicious desserts please click here


Cupcakes - with Decorations

IF you are looking for elegance and comfort and from the simple to the decorated super cupcakes then you are welcome to the home of creative designed cakes.

To check out the few we have online clickhere.

Our Menus and Services

HERE you can choose our team to serve you so you can relax  and enjoy sumptuous menus and great services for any event at any venue whether catering at wedding halls, Office and Corporate event or Home Party we will be happy to manage it for you. Read More



The Caribbean Style

Curry Goat  and Rice and Peas

It’s the all time favourite of the Caribbean.

Chicken Curry and Roti, the Caribbean Style

It’s simply delicious to the taste, stylish and pleasant not only to the eyes but also delectably appealing to enjoy.

Our Caribbean Catering Specials

Professional touch to all services provided by our Caterer


Cuts of goat requiring slow cooking in strong spices full of flavour and tender to the bone


Freshly cooked in a paste


Known for its immaculate bites

More Special Top Caribbean Dish Offers

Explore our best selling offers

Jerk Chicken

Succulent chicken pieces soaked into a paste or sauce and roasted in an oven. You may contact us to learn more.

Fried Fish

A dish made of fishes that has been floured or battered then pan fried, deep fried or pressure fried into crispy crusty exterior. Contact us to learn more.

Barbecued (BBQ)Chicken

Chicken pieces/parts or entire chickens that are barbecued, grilled or smoked. Contact us to learn more


We are delighted to inform you that our newest and most exquisite selection of wedding package is now available.


The  selection of various unique services that have been carefully put together to meet  our customers total satisfaction on that special day of the event.


Also our catering services include but not limited to Weddings, Birthdays, Special events or organising parties for the Corperate, Offices or Homes etc etc..


We can put our services to work for you from the very beginning at the planning stage, organising, cooking' security and entertainment. You can entrust these into the hands of my team and I and you won't regret it. 


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You Can Trust Us. We Have Done It Before

We Plan each event, Tailor-made Services centred around individual Requirement to meet your Specific Need and Budget

These are some of the favourite catering dishes customers would order... Macaroni Cheese, Nigerian Egusi Soup, Chow Mein, Savoury Rice, Escavitch Fish and Patties to mention only a few. To order please go to CONTACT US

Happy Customers

Your happiness is our main concern.

 ARE YOU A PARTY LOVER?                                     YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

Whether a company party, a wedding party, a birthday party or any other event will always see your wishes as a customer made paramount. And with our many years of experience, our team guarantees high-quality catering services and perfect presentations. All our dishes are home-made and freshly prepared for your party. Test tastings of individual dishes or parts of the menu are, of course, available by arrangement. Contact Us

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